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Be cautious! Being a victim of unscrupulous carpet and rug cleaners will ruin your priceless investments beyond repair! There is no dearth of cheap quotes offered in the market. While these may please your wallets, the offers may harm your possessions. Most cheap cleaning and restoration offers do not fare well because they use harsh, cheap and damaging cleaning agents. All of these are loaded with harmful chemicals. Apart from damaging the carpets, rug and furniture, the residue of chemicals and toxic elements will travel all the way to your home to harm your pets and children..


Many of these companies hire untrained and inexperienced cleaners who use harsh chemicals causing the delicate fabric go dull, lifeless, and weak. Wrong method of using cleaning products can damage fibres of carpet resulting permanent loss to your investment. Additionally, these cleaners are not trained in advanced techniques for lifting out all debris and dirt out of carpets. They often fail to pull out the toughest of all including vomit, pet hair, human dead skin, pet urine etc. These leftover elements on fibres will make the carpet more vulnerable to wear and tear

So beware of cheap untrained, non-certified, inexperienced cleaners. These unscrupulous organizations will do nothing more than producing significant (and permanent) damage to your carpet and polluting the environment at home. Little money save initially will end up spending more on buying a new carpet and trips to health care practitioners.

At Custom Dry, we ensure world class quality cleaning and restoration services backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe in adhering to the industry regulations for safety and environment to offer you the best at competitive prices.