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Custom Dry ensures premium quality commercial carpet cleaning solution to its clients today and always. Since years, we have been serving as the leading cleaners for leading corporations, industrial firms, and individuals in Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and surrounding areas

Commercial & Domestic Carpet Cleaning Before
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Apart from the service range offered, we ensure cleaning facilities tailored according to the specific requirements of our clients. In case, you have been looking for something unique, let us know. We will customize a service to cater to your needs, budget and situation.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We offer dedicated commercial cleaning services to extend the life of valuable assets of our clients. For business owners, we promise a safer, healthier work environment that promotes concentration and motivation to work better among staff. Wish to meet our personnel? The team of experienced professionals is always ready to reach your facility at the appointed time.

Custom Dry holds many years of experience in dealing with diverse types of commercial flooring issues.

We offer the following range of commercial and domestic cleaning services to our clients:

Carpet Cleaning

All carpet cleaning projects aren’t the same. These are as unique as the carpet types and sizes used by various commercial and domestic establishments. At Custom Dry, we are equipped with the latest knowledge, techniques, and advanced equipment and tools to treat carpets without affecting their quality. With us, you have the cleanest carpets, upholstery and tiles.

We have adopted the best steam cleaning techniques effective in extracting the most stubborn foot traffic stains from your carpets. The best part is that these harsh looking treatments will cause no damage your possessions.

The Cleaning Process at Custom Dry

  • Our professionals will pre-spray the carpet with a superior environmental friendly solution. This is specifically devised for attacking stubborn dirt and grime.
  • The trained cleaners will carefully steam clean the carpet using an advanced van-mounted system.
  • The carpet is sanitised and deodorised to ensure thorough cleaning and 100% hygiene
  • The certified technicians will use Rotovac 360i (an advanced dynamic equipment use for restore carpets stained with stubborn soot, grease, dirt, grime, foot traffic, oil attacks, and much more. It spins consistently while scrubbing the carpet off each dirt particle.

Some of the commercial establishments demand utmost hygiene and are the most difficult to clean. We are talking about pubs, spas, hotels, and restaurant. Carpets installed at these places have to bear the torture of constant smoke, aromas, oil, and grime hitting them nonstop. Our professional steam cleaning process promises the best of cleaning for carpets at these places and more.

Custom Dry guarantees a highly comprehensive approach to maintain carpet for all commercial and domestic regions. We specialize in Scotchgard protection service which has been widely commended by our clients. Apart from offering an additional layer of protection, it can extend longevity of carpets. For stubborn stains, heavy foot traffic and darkening of areas, this technique is incredibly helpful.

Why Use Truck/Van-Mounted Equipment?

A successful commercial carpet cleaning service uses van-mounted equipment. These advanced tools are designed in a fashion to generate remarkable heat levels of up to 120 degrees Celsius. Integrated with amazing and unmatched suction power, these instruments can get deeper to ensure thorough cleaning and faster drying.

We recommend van-mounted equipment for cleaning and restoration purposes because these are powerful and can ensure certified dual wand performance. These have been engineered to clean up even very large areas. Night clubs, restaurants, pubs, retail outlets, nursing homes and medical centres have been highly benefitted from this instrument

Water Damage Assistant

Flooded carpet is nothing less than a nightmare for home and office owners. Custom Dry holds vast experience in handling these cases. We understand the health and safety hazards this situation may cause to your staff. Additionally, you have to bear the repercussions in the form of loss of income, damage to investments and property and much more.

We offer 24/7 emergency service in case of water logged carpets and flooded premises. Our team will be at your doorstep within minimum possible time. The moment these professionals reach the appointed premises, they will start off with the restoration process.

The process will start off with water extracting technique. It is followed by a mould or anti-browning treatment. When it comes to appropriate equipment required for this process, our team is equipped with the best and most advanced. The carpet drying machines we use are the best in the industry. These help drying water drenched carpet areas quickly and professionally.

Let Us Know your Requirements

Our quality services and adept customer care approach have helped us secure a significant position among experts in the field of cleaning and restoration services industry. Clients at Custom Dry vouch for the services offered. They have chosen us and maintained a long running professional relationship which testifies our unsurpassed capabilities to satisfy clients.

Wish to know more about our services? We will be more than happy to speak to you. An opportunity to provide you with our exclusive cleaning services will make us happier. Reach us on 02 4954 2600