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Pets are dear to us. Once they get into our lives, we cannot imagine living without them. However, there are certain things that make living with pets hard. Most pet owners complain of the irritating habits of their little ones peeing on carpets and furniture. This leaves an unpleasant smell lurking in the house all the time.

No wonder the marketplace is loaded with a huge number of DIY products. Most of these products claim to offer a ‘professional like’ carpet cleaning experience. The only problem is that these products don’t work at all. In fact, none of the home based process is effective in wiping the urine smell off house. Pets can easily detect the smell.

Removing-Urine from Carpet Services

At Custom Dry, we have years of experience removing urine and its smell from home. We use the most advanced and technically proven method of ‘Hot Water Extraction’.

The technique is used by our experts for washing carpets and rugs, lounges etc. Our experts release and extract boiling water simultaneously into and out of the carpet. It is the most effective method for dealing with pet urine in carpet.

Steam cleaning will help in cleaning urine from carpets and its smell. As professionals, we understand that effectiveness of the process entirely depend on the equipment used and the technicians undertaking the process. At Custom Dry, we employ an extensive range of advanced techniques devised specifically for restoring urine drenched and damaged carpets. The technique opted depends on the level and severity of damage.

Our tools can measure and indicate the exact location of urine in carpet. Once the experts determine the location of damage, they start appropriate treatment. Our expertise lies in addressing the problem of odour. The techniques and processes we use make sure your carpet is 100% free of pet urine and smells fresh.

The Tough Task

Yes, removing urine from carpet is the toughest house cleaning task ever! Pets have a tendency to urinate at the same place again and again. This makes the back of the carpet get saturated with concentrated urine. The odour also starts spreading all around the house and reproduce.

We know how to handle this situation. The advanced pet urine treatment we use will eliminate 100% of the stains, damage, and odour from your carpet. Our experts will reach your doorstep with a hi-tech van/truck-mounted system which will efficiently handle the situation. The system heats the water well. The machine used is capable of sucking out each droplet of pet urine from the carpet.

If you are concerned about pet diarrhea and vomit, call us now. We also undertake such projects successfully.

Want to know more about our pet urine removal services? Call us on 02 4954 2600 or email us at [email protected] . Our experts will make sure they reach you as soon as possible.