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Carpets make homes look beautiful. However, they tend to accumulate dirt, grime and every possible nasty element moving around in the environment. Getting one cleaned professionally is the key to maintain a beautiful hygienic home. The process also helps with the longevity of your prized possessions. Unfortunately the squeaky clean feeling, bright appearance and fresh smell do not last longer. Many home and office owners wish there was a way to extend the life of their investments.

Carpet & Fabric Protection Newcastle

Scotchguard is the Way!

With Scotchguard, it is possible to keep carpets and upholstery looking fresher and new for longer. Enquire your carpet cleaners about Scotchguard Carpet protection when hiring them. The technique helps increasing the life of your carpet and its appearance. It creates an invisible shield around the fibers of carpet to resists dirt, soil, and stains.

Applying Scotchguard

Scotchguard is a Fabric Protector. The dynamic tool helps by repelling all kinds of liquids and blocks stains. There is no change in the appearance of look and feel of the fabric. Although available as an over the counter product, it must be strictly applied by an experienced professional for best results. Our certified carpet cleaners are trained and experienced in using this product effectively to ensure complete and even coverage and protection.

Our professionals use a specialized spray technique to apply it to various surfaces. This is important as it facilitates easier application and fast drying without leaving any odour at all. Scotchguard has been certified as 100% non-toxic and safe to use. So if you have pets and kids at home, this is safe to use. The CFC- and solvent-free factor makes very safe to use gentle on carpets.

For any queries or detailed information about Scotchguard carpet protection and it's uses reach us on 02 4954 2600