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Maintaining a clean beautiful home is the ultimate dream of all homeowners. We understand this and ensure to do all that it takes to keep your home tiles sparkling clean and beautiful. Clean tiles and grout may not seem to be a daunting task until you start scrubbing, washing, and scraping them of all dirt and grime it had accumulated. Additionally excess of scrubbing and scraping with wrong tools and products will do more harm than good to your prized possessions.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Custom Dry specializes in tile and grout cleaning. Our team of experienced and certified cleaners has been undertaking this job successfully since years. Regardless of the present condition, they will guarantee the cleanest and beautiful looking tiles.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

We have never compromised on customer service quality. The trust and loyalty showered on us by our clients is what keep us going. We leave no efforts in establishing a long-standing relationship with our customers.

Choosing Custom Dry for 100% satisfaction and guarantee for world class quality services.

Exclusive Tile Cleaning Service at Custom Dry

All hard surface floors must be maintained on a regular basis. This is imperative for restoring their original beauty. As experience holding professionals, we are aware of the techniques and expertise it takes to handling varied areas of tile & grout cleaning. We are expert in handling both domestic and commercial cleaning of tiles.

Is Your Home Clean?

Homeowners make every effort to keep their house clean. Right from buying the most expensive tools and cleaning products to devoting a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning the areas, they do all it takes to make the home sparkle. However, the question is whether these efforts are enough to make the home 100% clean.

Most people fail to understand that there are several hazardous and invisible things lurking on grout, tiles and floors all around the house. At Custom Dry, we practice tested and proven tile cleaning processes to ensure the utmost in tile surface cleaning, grout cleaning and maintaining their beauty.

Our tile cleaning procedure is highly advanced and economical. Our staff go out of their way to ensure you receive the very best service in removing dirt and bacteria with the least possible disruption to your home.

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Handling Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning Newcastle

HAND Cleaning – Waste of Time and Effort

Relying on traditional method of scrubbing and cleaning ? Well, the process is painful, exhausting, takes endless time and does not give desired results.

We use our same carpet cleaning methods and equipment to ensure you get the same fantastic result for your tiles and grout as well. Using our rotary brush system along with hot water extraction to ensure the build-up of dirt is removed from the floors surface.

The Sealing Process

Once the tiles are cleaned well, we can also offer sealers to protect tiles and grout from dirt and grime.

For cleaner, fresher smelling and beautified tiles; rely on experienced experts. Custom Dry guarantee the quality of our work 100%. Our advanced process of cleaning will save you time, effort and money.

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