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Lounge Cleaning at Custom Dry

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Upholstery Lounge Cleaning Services
Upholstery Lounge Cleaning Newcastle

Upholstery Cleaning at its Best

Carpets are an expensive investment. Hence, it is natural that owners try to take the best care of it. However, home care and do-it-yourself techniques aren’t enough to keep these pricey investments at their newest and healthiest state. Carpets and upholstery accumulates immense amount of the following unhealthy elements on a daily basis:

  • Sweat
  • Grime
  • Human dead skin
  • Food and drink spills
  • Pet hair
  • Dust
  • Body oils
  • Much more

Most of these if left longer on fibres can give way to fungus and bacteria growth. Custom Dry adopts a unique and highly advanced cleaning approach to ensure you the cleanest, most hygienic, fresh smelling and damage free upholstery that lasts long.

Custom Dry offers the following world class quality upholstery and lounge cleaning services:

  • Detailed pre-evaluation of lounge suite
  • Instant treatment for stains and spots
  • Use of ONLY high quality cleaning agents that are effective on stains and gentle on upholstery
  • Professional grade steam cleaning
  • Fabric rinse that leaves absolutely NO chemical residue
  • Use of advanced sanitising and deodorising technique
  • Scotchgard technique for 100% protection and prolonged life of upholstery
  • Fastest drying process to ensure same-day use
  • Dust mite treatment
  • Personal Inspection by experts

Would you like to know more about our upholstery and lounge cleaning process? Call us on 02 4009 1571 anytime. We will be happier to attend to your queries.

After Cleaning Support

Just got upholstery or lounge cleaned by us? Do not hesitate to speak to our technician about the grey water in the van-mounted tank. They will show it to you. All of the dirty water, grime, and dust have been extracted from the lounge/upholstery we just cleaned it for you.

Steam Cleaning at Custom Dry

Our unique steam cleaning process will add years to the life of your furnishings. This process will enhance the beauty of your investment. We recommend steam cleaning upholstery every 6 months to a year. This is important to maintain its appearance and keep your environment healthy

Professional steam cleaning is a must-have every 3 months for homeowners with pets and children.

Wish to get a quote? We will offer you a candid obligation-free quote now. Please get in touch with a member of our team.

Professional Cleaning Guaranteed

Although moderate level of home care and cleaning can keep your upholstery in good shape, nothing can be compared to the efficiency of professional cleaning. This will keep your indoor environment clean, and pollution and allergens free.

Scotchgard Treatment after Upholstery Cleaning

We apply Scotchgard soon after steam cleaning upholstery. Our experts recommend it for a number of benefits it offers including added protection to newly-cleaned furnishings, apt resistance from soiling and staining, prevents spills from soaking through fibres, maintenance of original look and feel of upholstery and much more.

Dust Mite Protection and Treatment Service

Dust mites can bring significant damage to your upholstery and lounges. You may make out the attack of these nasty allergens with certain allergic symptoms such as itching, eczema, hay fever, runny nose, major symptoms of dust mite allergies include runny nose, hay fever, eczema, watering eyes, itching, frequent sneezing, difficulty in breathing etc. Regular professional upholstery cleaning will help keep your home dust mite.

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