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Custom Dry holds expertise in Leather Cleaning. Holding experience of over several years in this field, we guarantee clean, hygienic, fresh smelling leather. We clean and condition leather ensuring 100% safety for your assets.

Leather Cleaning Services Newcastle

The certified, trained, and highly experienced team of technicians having expertise in cleaning and conditioning leather upholstery will guarantee safety and satisfaction. Custom Dry will enhance the overall appearance and condition of your leather upholstery.

These technicians are specialists in applying leather cleanser efficiently and eliminating all traces of stains, spots, soil, dirt, and grime from leather valuables. With us, expect leather cleaning to undertaken with precision to restore it as-new in condition.

Leather Stains

Leather holds natural tendency to repel most of the stains. All you need to do is blot up immediately. However, leather does not react well to some of the items such as perspiration, oils, and some acids found on the human body. These easily get absorbed. We have the best of tools and products to avoid serious damage.

Our professionals will ensure regular maintenance of leather valuables to guarantee longevity to your investment.

Leather Cleaning at Custom Dry

We will instantly nourish and protect your leather against colour fading, scuffing and staining. Our specialised procedure will also protect your leather belongings from heat and moisture. We use high quality highly advanced leather cleaning products that clean your leather without causing any harm or leaving any lasting odour. These products will not penetrate the leather completely.

Our unique leather cleaning products won’t rub off on clothing. They will also prevent natural oils found on the neck and hair from being absorbed deep into your valuable leather furniture. This will keep the leather from becoming sticky due to body heat or warm weather.

Our world class leather cleaning services and surroundings include the following:

  • The professionally trained staff will reach the appointed destination on time with requisite equipment.
  • The experts will start off the cleaning task by clearing cushions off the leather upholstery if needed.
  • We have certified professionals who test the leather for varied parameters to ensure the best cleaning.
  • We use soft high quality towel cloth for initial cleaning of leather.
  • Post completion of cleaning process, we will apply a specially formulated conditioner. This acts as a protective coating to prevent leather from cracking.
  • The team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection session. This is to assess leather lounge for damage level, severity and other issues

We apply a unique finishing cream post cleaning of leather. This acts as a protective coating to the leather. It also enhances the overall look of leather hide and offers protection from wear and tear.

Leather Stains

Leather stains can be terrible especially on expensive items like jackets, shoes, purses etc. Stubborn ink and other stains on these items can ruin their look forever. Use of over the counter items is also dangerous as harsh chemicals may harm the material. At Custom Dry, we offer is highly specialised and advanced. So rest assured about your prized possession. It is in safe hands. Allow us to take care of your valuable leather assets. We will be proud to have this opportunity.

For more information, call us on 02 4954 2600. We will offer you a an obligation-free quote.